Friday, April 10, 2009

Things I've Learned This Week

  • Williams-Sonoma Meyer Lemon hand soap and hand lotion is totally worth the price.

  • Williams-Sonoma Meyer Lemon hand soap will not, however, remove the smell of vomit from a 4 year old's favorite teddy bear.

  • Being in a funk and being in a funky groove are nowhere near the same thing.

  • More exercise, better food, and fresh air will not cure my funk.

  • Long, funny conversations with a wonderful friend that make me late for picking up my son, will bring on a funky groove.

  • In the retail world, Easter is already over.

  • Sometimes, a cigarette really does help.

  • Shopping for little girls is wading into a swamp of gender stereotype issues. Thank goodness I have boys.
  • Toddlers will eat an entire strawberry, green parts included, if given an entire strawberry. At least mine will...

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