Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cold Feet and Snotty Noses

Things on my mind today...

Is 38 and raining too cold for clogs with no socks?

Will I fail to put on socks anyway?

Am I in denial?

How much snot can one human produce?

Is "busy blowing my nose" a legitimate excuse for why the floor is a few inches deep in toys?

What if the time I wasn't blowing my nose was spent coughing up loogies?

I'm actually pretty impressed that we're having "real" rain today. Before now I've laughed when anyone here said it was raining. If you can stand outside for an hour and still be barely wet, it's not rain. Today feels perfect for curling up with a good book and a hot drink. Too bad I can't lock the boys outside so I can enjoy that scene!

Cha-Cha and I have both been struggling with our first Oregon illnesses. It feels like a sort of rite of passage. I admit I had a completely irrational hope that we would somehow be immune to Oregon germs. My denial knows no bounds.

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