Sunday, November 20, 2011

Something New Sunday

I like how that sounds! It sort of implies that I usually post in some consistent way. Which we all know isn't true.

I just wanted to give you all a peek into what caught my eye this week on the Internet. Wait, wait! Don't leave yet! I promise not to share the really weird stuff...

I know everyone has probably already seen this video, but since I watched it multiple times, I decided you might like to watch it again too. (Originally found via Susannah Conway)

If you love a good makeover as much as I do, be sure to dig through all the gorgeous ones on Lindsey's blog, Better After. My favorites from this week are both dressers - a painted one with peek-a-boo wood grain and one for a comic book fiend.

Why does everyone look at me after reading this? (Originally found via Atypical Type A)

Angry Birds, irl - and if you know what those things are, you'll probably love just about everything on Geek Crafts.

This post about homemade chocolate-coconut peanut butter is a few weeks old (I'm behind in my reading. Like that's a surprise.), but I couldn't resist sharing it. I've already started having fantasies about this stuff.

I'm taking the dogs to the kennel as soon as I'm done here, and then it's a whole lotta hurry up and wait until we pack up the family to head to the airport for our red-eye flight to Texas. I hope everyone has a great holiday! Maybe if you're lucky, you'll see me back here before Christmas...

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