Sunday, February 19, 2012

Inspiration Found: Les Twins

I was inspired by yesterday's post from Jamie Ridler Studios. She shared a link to a video of the Les Twins dancing that put my mind a-swirling. Even though Jamie warns us that the dance starts off small, it took me a few moments to realize it had already started. Please take a moment to go watch.

It made me wonder about how we choose to draw the lines between dancing and not-dancing, between art and not-art. It's easy to be amazed by the big moves, the complicated moves, the moves that we can never imagine our own bodies to be capable of. But when a dancer makes a simple gesture I make a hundred times a day - a turn of the head, the lift of an arm - and it takes my breath away? I believe those are the moments of real magic. Those are the moments when the lines between dancing and not-dancing are erased, and we are allowed a tiny glimpse of the Art of our existence.

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