Sunday, April 1, 2012

Serendipity is a Bitch

Serendipity. Synchronicity. Coincidence.

I'm sure the skeptics would mock me mercilessly for believing that the Universe sends us messages to help us along our way when we need it. Their insistence that these sorts of things are incredibly common is probably right. Usually we just go about our business without really noticing. Kind of like how you never seem to notice a certain kind of car on the road until you start driving one - suddenly it feels like that car is everywhere.

What matters is attention.

You may remember that I've had time management on the brain for a few months. Then approximately 3,418 items on my to-do list failed to get done this week causing me much frustration. A few days ago I started a rough draft blog post inspired by Kate Swoboda's What Time Management And Diets Have In Common post. Then last night I read a few chapters in Barbara Sher's Refuse to Choose with all sorts of tidbits about how someone like me - the type of person with approximately 3.6 million interests* - can manage to get to all of them.**

And finally this morning I responded to all of that with a giant yawn.

Because in my relationship with the Universe, I am a teenager who is too cool to listen to her mom even when she knows her mom is right.

Fine. I'm listening. {insert giant eye roll here}



Because just like the annoying teacher who tells you to look up the word you asked him how to spell,*** the Universe likes to point you in the right direction and then watch you flop about trying to figure out the rest on your own. 

She can be such a bitch.

*Give or take an order of magnitude.

**Reading this book is part of a new quest I've started that I plan to tell you about in another post. Unless I forget.

***How can you look up how to spell word in a dictionary when you need to know how to spell a word to look it up in a dictionary? How?

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