Friday, February 29, 2008

My Week So Far

This morning I am abdicating my parenting responsibilities to Noggin.

I've survived 5 days alone with the boys, and I think it's gone rather well. Only two more days to go! Here's what I managed to get done this week -
  • got everyone (me included) dressed, fed, and out the door in time to be early for school;
  • have kept dishes washed;
  • put out the trash and brought the bins back in before the next day;
  • gave the dog a desperately needed bath;
  • went without TV for three days;
  • got my car serviced;
  • got groceries bought - Safeway and Trader Joe's;
  • got everyone, including me, bathed every day;
  • cut back on coffee (ummm, until this morning);
  • attacked my much backlogged email;
  • kept the house relatively picked up (that's a damn miracle itself);
  • started a new bedtime routine that got Quake asleep without me in bed with him.

And just for a counterpoint, here's what I haven't gotten done this week -

  • watching the Oscars (damn it!);
  • cooking anything beyond eggs and grilled cheese (oh, we did make a chocolate cake);
  • exercise.

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