Monday, February 25, 2008

(Thought) Experiments in Parenting

Let's say, just theoretically, that you had to lock your three year old in his room yesterday until he cried himself to sleep because even after taking away two days of TV privileges and denying him access to his toy room until further notice, he continued to think hitting and kicking you was a good idea. And then let's say, theoretically again, that you had to lock that same three year old in his room again today because he wouldn't stay in time out after you told him to stop, for the love of god, whining and crying to turn on the TV. And then, theoretically, let's also throw in a restless, non-sleeping infant because hey, that'll make this really fun!

Then after all the crying and whining and fussies are over, let's imagine that you're playing some made up game with your three year old involving the giant, green plastic beads from a necklace your mom gave you that she wore in the 60's. You know these games, the kind in which you have no idea what the objective is, much less the rules, but you just do what you're told and cheer when you're told and say, "Tarter Sauce!" when you're told. And then, just for a fun twist to this thought experiment, let's say the infant, watching his older brother, suddenly starts laughing in that strange, hiccup-y baby way. Then the three year old starts trying to make the baby laugh more, and he does, and suddenly through your own laughter you realize you are having the time of your life.

Does that make up for all the rest? Theoretically speaking?

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