Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time Is NOT On My Side

OK, so the talk you were supposed to have with baby Cha-Cha DIDN'T WORK. I am once again awake before the butt crack of dawn listening to his adorable little babbling while I desperately try not to beat my head against a wall. This is the place where I swear I will have no more babies because I need the sleep, damn it, and based on past performance I'm not likely to get a late sleeper now. And then if I do end up pregnant again, you will all chuckle. But quietly, in the safety of your own homes, because I have super mom hearing, and I will throw something at you.

Monkey Man's been off work the last two days. We had originally planned to spend more time playing in the snow, but all the boarders were tired and Quake was running a fever. Oh yeah, and I hadn't wanted to go in the first place. So the last two days were supposed to be like a late birthday present with Monkey Man keeping Quake busy so I could have some time to do what I wanted to do.

It only helped a little bit. See, it turns out that caring for an infant leaves precious little time for anything else. I know! Who knew? What a crazy world.

I started to do lots of things. Didn't finish any of them. Did get to take a few hours at Barnes and Noble to catch up on my magazine reading. Am I the only person who thinks the local big box bookstore is really there just so I can drink a latte and read their magazines? It was relaxing. Well, the part when Cha-Cha wasn't screaming. But once he fell asleep, it was heavenly.

Quake had an exciting day yesterday - he got to see Tiger Woods golf, live and in person! Of course since he's three and doesn't have much experience with these things, he didn't think it was terribly impressive. He sees Tiger on TV all the time, what's the big deal? I'll laugh at him when he's older.

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