Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Portland Move: Day 1

Yes, I have named this day 1 of the move in a completely arbitrary, self-serving manner. But I figure that's true no matter what day I pick, right?

This move parallels the move my parents made in 1974, leaving behind all their family in Texas, the only life they'd ever known, to start over again in Colorado. My brother and I were a year younger than our boys are now, and we don't feel their opportunities are smaller here than they would be in another place. But I can't help but feel a certain link to my Mother's experience of daring to turn away from what is known and move forward into something so uncertain. Of course I have the Internet. Which sort of makes my comparison seem trivial at best. She might as well have moved to the moon, and I'm moving somewhere with a moon mural on the wall.

It's amazing how a little perspective can change your mood from overwhelmed and grumpy, to deeply grateful. Grateful for all the privileges and advantages of modern conveniences, and grateful for a mother who was and is so much braver and stronger than me.

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