Thursday, June 2, 2011

Growing Up at Age: Too Old

My parents came for a visit recently. It went really well. Which I'm assuming means the world actually did end on May 21st, and I am now in Hell. The demons disguised as my parents are just messing with my head.

Or... Adderall turns me into an adult?

I'm going with the Apocalypse Theory.

The temperature here certainly supports the idea that I'm in Hell. My spring fatigue seems to finally be lifting. My husband swears I have reverse SAD - instead of getting depressed when the days grow shorter, I get depressed when the heat starts. Will this be the year I finally get to test that theory by leaving the desert? A girl (at least without medication) can always dream.

I'm currently avoiding packing. The whole family is going to Phoenix tonight. The boys will be staying there with a cousin while Monkey-Man and I go to Sonoma for the weekend. My mother-in-law wanted to celebrate her birthday this year with her sons, away from home. The combination of my crappy self-esteem, Ms. Perfect, and my other sister-in-law who just bought herself a brand new body last summer, makes me so happy there will be copious amounts of alcohol involved. Haven't mixed my new and improved adult self with alcohol yet...

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