Thursday, December 22, 2011

Really, It Worked

So we're doing Christmas tomorrow morning. We'll be heading to Arizona early on Saturday so we put in a request that Santa come a few days early. He doesn't mind - it shaves a few nanoseconds off his Big Night. But it means I need to be ready to roll tonight. And of course I'm not.

Because I've been busy on Pinterest, damn it!

To be fair I've also been really busy on a new craft project. The idea for which I got at 3:30 yesterday morning and almost had to get out of bed then to start because I was so super excited about it. So I guess that whole sitting quietly with myself and trusting in the process actually worked?

Maybe my word for 2012 should be Believe.

Because 'No Really, Shut Up and Trust It's Gonna Work' is really not in the spirit of picking one word.

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