Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tummy Tuesday - 35 Weeks

5 weeks to go!

Weight gain: 22 pounds

Tummy girth: 46 inches (right at belly button)

How is it possible to eat practically nothing and gain 2 pounds in a week?! I'm blaming constipation. I haven't pooped in 4 days - ran out of the corn chowder - so I must be retaining every bite that I've eaten. And that new inch around my belly? I feel every millimeter of stretch in that puppy.

I have started preparing for the baby though. Monkey Man pulled out all the boxes of Quake's baby things, and I started going through them. I even washed a load of 0-3 month sized clothes as well as changing pad covers and co-sleeper sheets. And the preschooler finally prevailed at Target, forcing me to go down every aisle in the baby section and explain all the things he didn't understand. He also insisted on a package of diapers and a box of wipes. At least someone is watching out for the new arrival.

In other news, some of you may remember me complaining about being bored with my life here. I really shouldn't talk about these things because apparently Someone. Is. Listening. My husband is once again being recruited for another job. I'm delighted to know that he is so highly sought after! But I'm not so sure about actually moving again. I made him promise when we moved to San Diego that we would stay for at least 5 years. That didn't happen. I wanted the same promise when we moved back to Tucson. At least I was smart enough by then to know it was pointless. But I still hoped.

It's still way way way way too early to even be stressing about the possibility, but dammit, it takes my mind off the pregnancy and birth thing I've got going on. I know I should listen to my gut. Too bad there's so much interference on that line...

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