Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tummy, Wednesday - 34 Weeks

6 weeks to go! (Technically 5 weeks and 6 days since it's Wednesday)
Weight gain: 20 pounds
Tummy girth: 45 inches (right at belly button)

I make myself feel better by saying I have "3 weeks until a full term baby!" Which of course means I'll probably be 40 weeks and 6 days when I go into labor. At 41 weeks they'll force me into another c-section so I'm trying to be really positive. We all know that's not easy for the cranky pregnant lady.

Went on a tour of the hospital Monday night (as a VBAC patient I can't deliver at the birth center). The labor and delivery rooms are really quite nice. The recovery rooms...not so much. All the more reason to make sure I get this baby out vaginally - I do not want to spend 48 to 72 hours in that recovery room.

Dr Magic and I will once again be spending some quality time together over the next few weeks. My pain level has risen drastically, as if the Pain, angry at being sent away, has decided to return with a vengence. Yippee. The consensus among Dr Magic and some other peoples "in the know" is that the structural strangeness in my hips that causes the pain, may also have contributed to my labor failures during Quake's birth. Oh yes, Dr Magic is about to become my new best friend...

Other than my wild fear of having another c-section and complaining bitterly about my pain, I have done pretty much nothing to prepare for this baby. My mom sent us new crib bedding a few weeks ago, and my mother-in-law recently sent us a mobile and matching curtains. I have managed to open and unpack those boxes. I justify this by saying that we'll be cosleeping anyway so the crib doesn't have to be ready right away. Which in no way explains why I haven't unpacked the cosleeper and washed those sheets. Or why I haven't pulled out the other boxes of baby stuff to see what I have and what else I might need. Or why I can't seem to make myself go through the baby section at Target even though my preschooler is already insisting that the baby needs diapers.

On the dietary front, I have made the satisfying discovery that all that extra iron is simply no match for my homemade corn chowder. Need to make an extra batch to have in reserve in case I do have a c-section - can't go home until I poop? No problem!

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