Saturday, March 10, 2007

Car Trouble

Yesterday on his way to work, the hub called to tell me he thought his alternator was going out. Then he called from the coffee shop to tell me that his truck wouldn't start. He walked to work (it wasn't far) and said he'd find someone to give him a jump on their way home.

Fast forward many hours...

The hub gets a jump and starts driving home. About 5 miles from said home, the truck quits. I give him the number of a tow truck company, but after an hour, he asks me to come pick him up. It's now after 7.

I load up a reluctant toddler ("Just leave me here," ummmm, tempting) and head out. The first auto shop we stop at is already closed. We make it to another before they close, and the hub buys a new alternator. We run home to get the tools. The switching of the alternators goes pretty smoothly, but it's now after 9:30, the toddler is still awake, and my poor hub has not eaten dinner.

Thankfully the truck is still running; the dead alternator didn't completely trash the battery. And despite going to bed after me last night, the toddler is surprisingly not a brat today. And I have another excuse to write.

The funny thing is that I believed we had a really uneventful life...until I started this blog. Now it seems like there are small dramas happening left and right. Was it always like this and I just failed to notice?

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