Saturday, March 17, 2007

I've Got a Little Secret

Oh dear lord am I tired. You know that bone deep weariness that tugs at you constantly? On the upside, it turns out that I have a very good reason for feeling this way...

I'm pregnant!

Yes, it's incredibly early to be sharing this sort of information, but since like 5 of you read this, I figured it was safe to announce it here. We've told our parents, but we're keeping mum to everyone else (expect you of course) until a bit later on. One never knows how these things will go for the first few months.

So far the fatigue is the only symptom. Although I swear my pants feel tighter already. I wonder if I can get away with jumping into my maternity clothes now and just telling people I'm already 4 months along. When they start making noises about it being any day now in August, I can look at them like they're crazy and claim I don't remember telling them I was 4 months in March. Maybe they'll chalk it up to me being a crazy pregnant woman?

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