Sunday, March 4, 2007

Faith in Humanity - Case 1138

The hub, the boy, and I drove about 2 hours early Friday afternoon to visit the hub's brother and his wife for the weekend. While we waited for them to get home, we all played in the greenbelt in front of their house and in the park down the street (where I met a pure bred Shar-pei, but that's a different story). Not long after my brother- and sister-in-law got home from work, my hub and his brother decided to head off to the grocery store to pick up food for dinner. Except my hub's wallet was no where to be found.

We searched the greenbelt. We searched the park. We tore through the car. My man was quite depressed. My sister-in-law and I both told him to start calling his credit card companies, but he wanted to wait until morning. I called a friend at home to ask her to search our house Saturday morning before we drove back early.

At about 9:30, my hub's cell phone rings. It's his State Farm insurance agent with the name and number of a local police officer that has his wallet. A man walking through the park found the wallet and took it to the police. The first thing they found with a phone number was my hub's insurance card. My hub and his brother go pick up the wallet.

The best part...not one thing was missing.

To everyone out there who has ever played the part of the Good Samaritan, we thank you.

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