Monday, March 12, 2007

One of Those Days

Ug. It's not that things went poorly (with the possible exception of the toddler squeezing juice all over the couch while I was cooking dinner), I just haven't been able to stop all day. And I'm tired. And I still have more that I could be doing.

Soon I will have one less thing to vie for my attention. I'm calling this week to cancel all but our basic cable. We got a smoking deal when we signed up that included all the premium channels with our DVR. Now, not so much. Ahhhhh, DVR. I really thought it would make my life so much better, being able to record and watch when I wanted to, being able to fast forward through the commercials. Mostly it means that I watch way more TV than I ever have before.

"Hey, that show looks interesting! Let's record it." "I haven't seen that movie in a decade! Let's record it." "The toddler looks at the TV more when that show's on! Let's record it."

I'm still not sure I can give up the DVR. Even if I only use it for a few shows a week, it will probably be worth it. I hope we still get Comedy Central; without the Daily Show I'm not sure how I'll manage to keep up on the news.

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