Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My New Best Friend

I hate to throw up. Really, truly hate it. I've been known to fight the urge for upwards of 5 hours. Sure I feel better after I vomit, but how I feel during the vomiting is so bad that I can't even make myself do it. Obviously bulemia is not something that holds much interest for me.

Sunday night my hub wanted to go to bed at 9 (we had a very busy weekend), but I begged him to rub my back for a few minutes. I burped a few times, told him my tummy didn't feel good, then jumped up and ran to the bathroom to toss up my dinner salad. Things only got worse from there.

It was almost 3 before my system was cleaned out. I got up a few times yesterday to suck on ice cubes but pretty much slept the whole day. The hub was supposed to be in CT, but he cancelled at the last minute to take care of me (which was mostly taking care of the boy so I could sleep).

I've managed to keep down two cups of tea (mmmmmm, caffeine) and a slice of toast this morning. And I don't feel comatose. But I'm all woozy and icky. And I'm not looking forward to cleaning out the bathroom trashcan...

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