Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fashion Faux Pas

Let's be clear about one thing - I am not some sort of fashion diva who always manages to look fabulous. Shorts and t-shirts are my daily uniform. I rarely manage to accessorize. I'm lucky if I add lip gloss before I leave the house, and I am delighted that my hair has finally gotten long enough to pull into some sort of ponytail. Not an attractive ponytail but still.

That being said, I do think there are some basic fashion guidelines that most of us are capable of following. Simple things like not wearing skirts so short that we could get a gyno exam from anyone sitting down, or short jumpsuits (unless you're under the age of say 8), or wearing the rise of your pants so short that we all get an idea of how good your waxer is.

I do have a few personal pet peeves (not wearing a decent bra, being too tan (fake or not), high waisted pants, white shoes) that may or may not be hard and fast rules. But that's a whole different discussion.

Believe it or not, there is a story that goes with all this rambling. Getting off the plane in Tucson I was following woman wearing a brown skirt with a black shirt. Not always an easy combo, but I found myself thinking it could work if done right. Then I realized this particular woman was wearing black opaque tights. In Tucson. In July. But wait! She also had on a long sleeve knit shirt with a 3/4 sleeve chunky knit, cowl-necked cardigan. The sweater was a gorgeous coral color. But it's Tucson. In July.

At least her shoes had closed toes. Something I can not say for another woman I saw in the airport a few minutes later. Woman #2 had on a lovely, floaty, black and white, summery dress. With sheer black hose. And white, open toed sandals. No really. I had to force myself to stop staring in horror.

On the upside, it made me feel practically magazine-photo-shoot ready!

For immensely more amusing fashion snarkiness directed at people who actually pay other people to dress them, please visit what may be my favorite Internet site ever, Go Fug Yourself.

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