Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tummy Tuesday - 25 Weeks

15 weeks to go!
Weight gain: 11 pounds
Tummy girth: 41 inches (right at belly button)

Only 1 pound gained this week - better than 4! But I don't feel well. I'm so tired that I need to nap after taking a shower. Getting any kind of exercise makes me so sleepy that I'm afraid to drive. I'm already taking extra iron because I was anemic during my last pregnancy. Last night the midwife recommended an herbal supplement that I'll go pick up today. We'll see if that helps.

I'm also changing my diet. My gestational diabetes test is scheduled in 3 weeks. I asked to have it sooner since gd can cause fatigue, but the midwife said it wouldn't be helpful (if it came back negative I'd have to do it again anyway). Well I don't need an actual diagnosis to follow dietary guidelines for diabetics. It can't hurt.

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