Sunday, February 25, 2007

Done for the Week

Well I did it. I managed to complete 7 days of morning pages, an artist's date, 5 out of 6 20 minute walks, and 1 hour walk. Almost a perfect score.

I fought with myself all day about going on that hour long walk. An hour alone with the voices in my head? Holy crap, that sounds awful. And it kind of was. But I survived, and I feel, physically anyway, quite good. A little sweaty, but good. Watch out - if I keep this up I might get really crazy and decide to go on a media fast. *shudder*

Thinking of voices in my head, I read part of an article in this month's Psychology Today about people who hear voices outside their heads. Apparently only 1 in 3 people who hear these voices have problems (nasty, violent and paranoid things that give them great difficultly in functioning normally). They quoted one woman (who wanted to remain anonymous for what I think are pretty obvious reasons) who is greatly entertained by the conversations that her voices have with one another. It's like a free sitcom that's on all the time just for you. Other people claim their voices warn them of speed traps and give them good advice.

It seems sort of bizarre and wonderful to me. I feel sort of pedestrian with my normal, inside the head voices. Wish mine would come up with some decent advice or a couple of witty one liners now and again.

Well I need to get going because there's this little TV show thing going on that I want to catch tonight. You might have heard of it. I, of course, have seen none of the movies that have been nominated, but that won't stop me from ahhing over the wonderful clothes and jewelry. Or thanking my lucky stars that no one takes pictures of everything I wear while mercilessly mocking some of the poor choices.

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