Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Late Nights, Early Mornings

I've been having a problem with insomnia lately. I sleep. I even probably get 6 or 7 hours a night. Of course I need about 9. But my problem is getting to sleep. It's that damn gerbil in my head again. I don't even feel anxious; I just have a hard time not following my mind as it wanders around aimlessly. Can I get a leash for it?
Last night I got to bed late because I was talking to an old friend. Thanks for the advice to just call, P. You were right. As usual. And C, I'll stay up late talking to you anytime.

This is my favorite way to wake up in the morning. Mmmm, tea. Everyone always asks me what my favorite tea is. It's the cheap kind. You know, the box of 100 tea bags with the name of the store on the box (I don't like Lipton). I drink 3 to 4 of these giant cups every day. Any day now I'm going to be British.

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