Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thrashing Thrasher

Well now that I'm done cleaning up bird poop, I can tell you about the very exciting few minutes we had here at our house this afternoon...

As you may have read earlier, my dog has a bit of problem asking to outside so when the weather is nice, I tend to just leave the door open for her. I know training would be better, but I'm lazy. So this afternoon a
curve-billed thrasher flew in the open door and attempted to kill itself by thrashing against the picture window. Bird poop is flying, the dog is frantic, and my toddler is screaming, "Get the birdie, Mommy!"

In its panic, it refused to be shoo-ed toward the door. I ended up grabbing it with a fleece blanket (to protect my hands, really) and taking it outside. When I opened my hands, it sat there for a few moments looking around at the backyard like it was surprised to find itself there. Then it flew to the back fence and sat there for a bit. I assume it was catching its breath. I sure was.

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