Monday, June 4, 2007

Because It Hasn't Been Bad Enough

I had errands to run today. I needed to run over to Q's preschool to pay for next year and then go pick up the babysitter so I could go to my doctor's appointment unencumbered (and maybe have an excuse to spend a few minutes alone at the bookstore). And that explains why I got in the shower first thing this morning, a deviation from my usual routine.

I managed to wash my hair and put on the color glaze (the John Frieda stuff? it totally rocks!), but as M rubbed my back (mmmmmmm) I suddenly felt funny. Woozy. I told him that I felt light-headed. The next thing I remember is seeing him looking down at me and yelling. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why he was yelling at me. Then I was on my knees leaning against him, asking him what was happening to me.

M was already dialing the phone (how did he get the phone?) to call his mother, a nurse. She told him to get me on my back, and as I started to feel better he pieced together the few minutes I was missing.

I leaned against him in the shower and then went limp. He shut off the water and put me down on the floor. That's the part where he was yelling at me. My eyes were open the whole time so he couldn't tell if I was aware and was trying to get a response from me. He helped me get up and took me over to the bed where I proceeded to vomit. That's when he put me on my knees on the floor so I wouldn't choke, and then called for Q to bring him the phone.

After I talked to the midwife (eat something to bring up your blood sugar and get as many fluids as possible to help raise your blood pressure) M went to work to get his computer. From there the babysitter was mobilized to come early (and her mother brought her so I didn't have to drive), and now M is working from home and will take me to the doctor.

It's most likely what the midwife said. I usually eat breakast first thing in the morning so my blood sugar was probably low, and I've always had low blood pressure. But M and I were both badly shaken. In fact I'm not really sure it's hit me yet. This will all be a funny story. One day.

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