Friday, June 1, 2007

Nursery Urges

I'm feeling torn today because I'm suddenly overwhelmed by a completely materialistic longing. I want a nursery for the new baby.

I've been sneering at the idea ever since I got pregnant and everyone began asking where we're going to put the nursery. You see, our extra room is currently being used as a guest room. And we tend to have lots of guests since we have family so close. And I plan on co-sleeping like we did with Q so it seems silly to have a seperate nursery. I just figured we'd put the baby in with Q once he/she was sleeping in a crib more regularly.

It seems obvious that we should be able to create a nursery that just happens to have a guest bed in it. It's not like we have guests all the time. Our rooms have windows and doors in awkward places so I've been playing with room arrangements electronically for the last few hours. Yes, I said hours. Yes, I know I need a life.

Of course once I got started on the two small bedrooms I started to see all sorts of other possibilities in our arrangements. We definitely don't use all our spaces for their original purposes so I've been getting creative. Currently we have a foosball table in our dining area, and an extra dining table is being used as a craft table in our master bedroom.

So why can't I bring my craft table into the dining nook (it has fabulous light) and consign that foosball table to the toy room? Preferably up against the wall with the sticks removed so it might actually get some use as the base for a fort. Or maybe the toy room (this is a "den" space with only 3 walls at the front of the house; our computer is in the hallway. of course.) should be a kid and grown-up toy room with my craft stuff sharing space with trucks and race cars.

Hmmmm, I'm starting to think that the "nesting" phase has started a few months early. At least at this point I can still move furniture around...

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