Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Please Tell Me Why I Do This

All of my toddler's pjs neatly stacked in the basket after being freshly washed - I make sure they're all in matching sets. And tonight, when Q goes to change into his pjs, he will throw them all on the ground searching for the single set of long sleeve, long pants pair all the way at the bottom (where I thought it safely hidden). Or he'll randomly pick a bottom and a top not from the same set, preferably from near the bottom of the basket. Then he'll stuff all the discards back in the basket.
So why do I bother putting them away so nicely? Why don't I just toss the clean pieces in the basket willy-nilly so he can pick through them all even more easily? It's not like I keep a generally clean and tidy house; I just seem unable to not fold these pjs neatly. Maybe I'm trying to make up for a chaotic house with this one small gesture?

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