Sunday, June 3, 2007

Record Keeping

Back in October I made notes every day for a few days on things I was interested in doing. Some might be considered as career paths, others just as projects. The idea was to see if I could find a pattern to help point me in the right direction. I just came across them again (guess they don't do me much good if I forget about them for 7 months) and thought they might be amusing/painful/enlightening to share. In the order they were written, dates deleted...

sewing - clothes and toys (I am a terrible seamstress)
felt story boards (promising since it only requires the use of scissors)
finding and helping artists and designers
science writing
calligraphy (my handwriting, not so good)
photography/improving photos w/ PS
design and craft
wedding gowns w/ color
fashion photographer
design design design
own a bridal shop or be a planner
baker - fance confections
librarian (archivist)
holiday decorating

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