Friday, June 1, 2007

Chinese Food Cravings

I'm craving Chinese food. I'd blame it on pregnancy, but this isn't the first time I've craved Chinese food since we left California.

Of course by "Chinese food" I mean the amazing little restaurant, Tsing Tao, that we discovered in Campbell while searching for a laundromat. I cannot explain my surprise when I discovered that hot and sour soup could be more than oily brown broth with chunks of tofu and slivers of bamboo shoots. I still dream of their version, thick with tender pork and shrimp. (After reading the reviews on the link, maybe it's Korean food that I crave?)

I wonder if I could justify a trip to the Bay Area just to eat at my favorite restaurants for a few days? Today of course, I would settle for the oily brown broth. Bad Chinese food sounds better than no Chinese food.

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