Wednesday, June 6, 2007

No Really, I'm Fine

OK, so I already think it's funny but M's still freaked out. Apparently I pass out with my eyes wide open - not rolled back, mind you, wide open. M says it's an image he'll continue to have nightmares about. The midwives said it was just a blood pressure thing. I got super relaxed and my body decided that since I wasn't actually using my brain at that moment, it didn't need nearly as much blood.

Things That Are Annoying the Already Grumpy Pregnant Lady:
  • Ants. On my stove. I know I'm supposed to get extra protein, but this is ridiculous.
  • The sun coming up so damn early. It wakes the toddler up before 6. So the whole house is up. Before 6.
  • Still vomiting. 17 weeks and still vomiting.
  • My heart murmur. It becomes more pronounced with the increase in blood volume so my heart becomes much less efficient. Haven't gained an ounce but I huff and puff like I put on 20 pounds overnight.

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