Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bad Blogger, Bad!

Is it possible that I'm the worst blogger ever? I had very high hopes that blogging would provide me with an incentive for writing more often. But as with all my writing endeavors, I find myself paralyzed. With fear? With perfectionism? Years of therapy have left me sick to death of analyzing all my motivations. Who cares? I just want to shout at myself, "Get over it and just do it!"

The irony of course is that I drive myself to distraction composing blog entries in my head all day (and sometimes well into the night). Convinced that this one is so good I'll remember it, I don't bother to even write notes, and by the time I have a few moments to sit at the computer I can't even remember the topic I was thinking of. You'd think I'd learn. I must truly be insane - I keep repeating the same behaviors in the hopes that this time things will turn out differently.


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