Friday, May 11, 2007

First Ultrasound

I had the first ultrasound for this pregnancy yesterday. We had our first ultrasound for Q much earlier in that pregnancy, and he was little more than a bean shape with a fluttering of a heartbeat. I wasn't quite prepared to see an actual baby moving about in there!

It's strange to see the baby moving all around and not be able to feel any of it. At one point it even stretched its little legs all the way straight from fetal position. How can I not feel that?! Of course I know it's because the bugger is so small, but it's still weird.

As I sort of expected, this baby measured a bit bigger than my first day of last period would indicate. Q measured 2 weeks bigger from the first ultrasound forward, but because of the shuffling of obs due to moving I never got my due date changed. This baby only measured 8 days bigger, and the ultrasound people are going to recommend that my due date be changed. It's pretty exciting to be more than a week further along than you originally thought!

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