Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Lurv Ikea

I don't think I've yet mentioned just how much I love Ikea. The place makes my head spin and my heart go pitter-patter. As much as I love Target, it's sort of become my Ikea-lite. Couches, rugs, cookware, and art all under the same roof plus you can get lunch for the change in your pocket! And I can drop off the kid at the playroom to swim around in the ball pit while I get my 90 minutes of retail therapy.

Here are a few of the items I picked up this week while I was in Phoenix. My old flour canister (also from Ikea) is too small and the lid annoys the crap out of me. Next trip I'll add sugar and salt canisters that match. The plates and bowls bring our count to 12 place settings; now I can finally get rid of the rest of my dishes I've kept just to cover us when we have people over. I got the plastic canisters in an attempt to begin organizing the chaos of my pantry. I only bought 6 to see if I liked them and if the sizes would work. Now I only need a dozen or so more. Do you like this pillow? I'm not sure yet. And the DVD boxes were supposed to be clothes storage for the top of my closet, but I managed to pick up the wrong size (an admittedly easy thing to do at Ikea). They turned out perfect for the DVDs though so it wasn't a total lost.
I also picked up a few other odds and ends - magazine holders, a cheese grater for my mom, paint brushes for Q. Now I can start plotting my next visit...

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