Monday, May 14, 2007

I Thinks It's Me

I've been thinking a lot about that passion I yearn for. I'm starting to wonder if I need to find a certain level of passion for life before I can find that passion for anything else. I keep waiting for inspiration to strike, but, as I've read in far too many self-help books, being successful is often about working when there is no inspiration.

Let's face it, I want this to be easy. I want a lightening bolt from heaven or the collective unconscious or wherever to strike me with the unshakable knowledge of what I should be doing. And then, as I do that thing, I want always to be excited about it and never bored and never frustrated. Because that's realistic, right?

I've had passions before (and no, not just for all those boys!). I've had a passion for acting and scrapbooks and ballet and ballroom and writing and literature and...well let's just say the list is long. But as soon as the inspiration is gone, as soon as something starts to feel just a little bit like work, I decide I've made a mistake and go looking for something else.

Damn, I'm lazy. Now I've gotten to the point that in just thinking about doing something I can anticipate that moment it feels like work, and I don't even start. So now what?

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