Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cooler Days

I spent the early part of last week pretending the weather had changed, but I don't have to pretend anymore. We kept the windows open most of the day, and it was really quite nice. Fresh air is always so welcome after the long summer months of suffocating heat.

I sense lots of oatmeal in my future. Is it wrong to be so excited about oatmeal? It strikes me as a little strange. Maybe it's a pregnancy thing. Or an I-take-so-much-iron-I-can't-have-a-normal-movement thing.

Boy, I overshare one time and suddenly it seems perfectly natural to discuss my potty issues. Let's just say that I've come to view popcorn consumption as "preventative medicine".

Monkey Man made it home, by the way. He even seems to be re-adjusting to the time zone amazingly well. Perhaps he replaced himself with a robot model while in Asia? I'm more exhausted than he is. The dog is mad because she's back to spending her nights in her kennel, but I swear my cats are happy to see him. They're happy to see the man who said we'd never live together until I got rid of my cats. The man who curses them and kicks them off the bed. The man who has threatened to "accidentally" leave the front door open so they can "accidentally" get lost or run over.

See? Having cats is a lot like having kids - no appreciation. I love them, but they can really piss me off sometimes.

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