Friday, September 14, 2007

Cooler Days...Next Month?

Ah, it's finally getting cool enough to have oatmeal for breakfast. Um, yeah, not really. But it makes me feel better to pretend.

Despite having a cold, Q and I are slogging through the Endurance Test quite well. We even spent quality time at the golf course yesterday. Only 7 more days to go! Riddle me this - the preschooler goes to school; he gets exposed to all the germs first hand. He gets a little cough; I get a full blown cold. Explain.

Monkey Man keeps telling me it's allergies. I keep telling him that I don't have allergies.

We risked exposing other moms and kiddos to a possible cold though to attend our usual Friday playgroup. I wouldn't have been able to handle another day alone with the boy. He's utterly delightful and utterly exhausting. Now if I could just figure out what to do with him on Monday night (prenatal class) and Tuesday night (parent-teacher meetings at school) since my babysitter is busy with cross-country practice and homework and you know, being a teenager. Damn her.

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